WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2021: Get 60% OFF [Mega Sale]

If you’re looking to host your site on cloud servers then WPX hosting is the solution for you.

Considered the fastest WordPress hosting according to tests by famous bloggers, WPX hosting is the service with which you will get the best care of your WordPress site.

So let’s learn about some of the WPX hosting features and how you can get its Black Friday deal…


Steps to get the WPX Hosting Black Friday Deal 2021

Follow these exact steps to get the WPX hosting Black Friday offer:

Step 1: The first step if to follow this link and visit the WPX hosting Black Friday deal page.

Step 2: Then select the plan according to your needs, click on the “Get Started” button, and select whether you want to host your site in the US or UK.

Step 3: Finally, fill all the information and pay either through PayPal or credit card and complete the transaction to lock your special Black Friday discount.

WPX Hosting Features and Why it is the Best Hosting for WordPress?

WPX hosting is a managed WordPress hosting that guarantees fast performance, security, with amazing support. So let’s take a look at WPX hosting features…

1. High-speed, custom CDN

WPX Cloud is a super fast custom content delivery content (CDN) by WPX engineered to make your website as fast as possible. The CDN host the files of a website in 20+ worldwide locations so that whenever the user visits a website, the files are loaded from the nearest server.

The WPX CDN is provided in all the plans and work seamlessly with the sites hosted in WPX servers. Once you point the nameservers to WPX, the CDN will start working and you can observe the performance change in an hour.

2. Unlimited SSL Certificates

Unlimited SSL Certificates
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Unlike other hostings which also charge for SSL certificates, WPX hosting offer unlimited free SSL certificates. With the SSL certificates, you can keep all your site data secure and protect from malware.

If after installing the certificate you have any problem such as mixed content, you can contact WPX support for the solution.

3. Proper Staging Area

You can use the staging environment to test a version of your website and experiment with technical things like themes, plugins, caching, design, etc. WPX also allows merging the staging site with the live site so once you finalize all the changes in the staging site, you can push all the changes to live site easily.

4. ‘Fixed For You’ Guarantee

I have used many hosting providers and I’ve never seen anything like this. Most of the hosting providers only support limited issues but WPX hosting has a ‘Fixed For You’ or ‘FFY’ guarantee which means that whenever you run into a technical issue affecting your site, the WPX team will solve the issue for you for free. The purpose of the FFY guarantee is to get the offline site back online as fast as possible.

A few exclusions to this guarantee includes fixes of CSS/PHP/design or issues caused by the products you have installed from third-party developers.

5. Unlimited Site Migrations

WPX offers unlimited site migrations which are normally completed within 24 hours once you initiate the process. There is no limit to how many sites you can migrate to WPX and all the migrations are done by trained WordPress experts.

This is useful if you are not an expert in coding and want to migrate the site with expert help. Also, if you have an existing Multisite installation, WPX can migrate it for you provided that you move as a Multisite installation only at WPX hosting.

6. Automatic Backups

With the WPX hosting Backup manager, you can easily take on-demand backups of your website and restore or download your backups locally. If you want to restore a backup from a specific date, you can do that from the restore automatic backup option.

7. Security and Malware Removal

Security is an important aspect to consider while looking for WordPress hosting. And WPX uses custom and constantly updated Web Application Firewall (WAF), enterprise-level DDoS protection by Incapsula, daily malware scans, and daily updates to server security rules.

Other than this, WPX also has a malware removal feature so in case your site gets a virus or anything, WPX will remove it for you. This is important as most of the hostings don’t offer this feature and third-party malware removal software costs more than $200.

All the security measures including site audits are run every day by the WPX malware team.

8. Amazing Support

One more important thing about hosting is customer support. If at any time you have any problem with your sites such as caching problems, server issues or slow loading, your hosting will be the first to help you.

You can contact the highly skilled team of WPX through the live chat support or email ticket option is also available. The live chat usually replies within 30 seconds and email tickets within a few hours.

WPX Hosting Pricing

WPX Hosting Pricing
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The pricing plans of WPX hosting are simple and easy to understand. The main difference between the plans is based on the number of websites you can host, SSD storage, and the monthly bandwidth.

Other features like high-speed CDN, free unlimited SSL certificates, manual backups, staging environment, and 99.95% uptime guarantee, are included with every plan. All the plans also include 24/7 live chat, unlimited free migrations, and free email setup as well. Though WPX doesn’t reveal how their servers are engineered and what coding stack they use.

The three plans of WPX hosting are:

Business: This plan supports 5 websites, 10 GB of SSD storage and 100 GB monthly bandwidth. The cost of this plan is $24.99 per month which can be $20.83 per month if you chose to pay for the annual plan.

The business plan is best for those who are just starting with WordPress … or if you have a small blog with a few thousand monthly traffic.

Professional: You can host up to 15 websites in this plan with 20 GB SSD storage, and 200 GB of monthly bandwidth. The cost of this plan is $49.99 per month or $41.58 per month if you select the annual plan.

This plan is best for sites having consistent traffic and who wants to host more than 5 websites. WPX can easily handle your websites even under heavy loads.

Elite: You can host up to 35 websites in the Elite plan with 40 GB total SSD storage, and unlimited monthly bandwidth. This plan costs $99 per month or $83.25 per month if you select the annual plan.

This plan is best for freelancers or agencies who host their client sites and look for a reliable hosting solution. Elite plan is designed to handle very high traffic and you can host multiple heavy sites easily in this plan.

Note: WPX hosting offers a generous 30-day full money-back guarantee so if you don’t like WPX, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.

Is WPX hosting shared?

No, WPX hosting uses cloud servers to host all the WordPress sites. Unlike shared hosting, WPX is fast, secure and has a lot more features.

WPX might be a little expensive but it’s important to invest in a good hosting provider so that you can have good uptime and higher conversions.

What is the WPX Hosting ‘Fixed For You’ Guarantee?

With other hosting companies, if you encounter any technical problem with your site, you have to solve them by yourself or hire a costly developer.

But with WPX hosting ‘FFY’ guarantee, whenever you have a technical issue with your site, the WPX support team will fix the issue for you for free. You just have to contact their customer support team, explain your issue, and they will take care of the rest.

Where are WPX Hosting’s data centers located?

WPX has three data centres as of now. These are in Chicago, London, and Sydney. They also have a data centre in Sydney, Australia for all those customers who have their targeted audience in Australia. As WPX only uses high-end data centre locations, you can be sure of the fastest speeds and better data security.

What happens if I exceed the bandwidth limit?

If you exceed the monthly bandwidth limit, the WPX team will reach out to you to know the cause of this and then you can either check your site to solve if there’s an issue or simply upgrade to a higher plan.

WPX will not suspend your account for the breach of monthly bandwidth as they understand that it can happen with any website. But if you don’t reply to their emails then after some time, WPX can put a limit in your account.

Does WPX Hosting offer SSL certificates and Staging?

Yes, WPX offers both of these. The SSL certificates are free and you can use them on all of your sites. And you can use the staging area to conduct experiments on your websites.

The staging area and SSL certificates are something for which other hosts charge a good amount of money. But WPX offers these for free to help their customers.

Conclusion: WPX Hosting Black Friday Discount Coupon 2021

Whether you need a hosting provider for a new site or a site with heavy traffic, WPX hosting can handle everything.

Their features are very competitive and their support is amazing which is known for timely resolutions. So if you can keep up with the pricing, then you cannot find anything better than WPX hosting.

If you have any questions regarding this deal, please comment below and I’ll help you solve your issue.

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