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Hi There,

Welcome over here at WPChime, a WordPress SEO & resource site for bloggers & WordPress site owners.

At WPChime, we are a team of WordPress enthusiasts who believe that WordPress is pure magic. You can literally do anything that you wish to with WordPress.

Hence, we are committed to bring you useful WordPress tips and tricks to help you improve your WordPress usage.

Right from getting started with with WordPress to learning WordPress SEO and using best WordPress themes and plugins to grow your online business, we’ve got you covered.


Why WPChime?

Remember the melodious and harmonious sounds of a temple bell? 

Similarly, WPChime aims to harmonize your online business with the best of what WordPress has to offer and help you achieve your goals better.

We know that there are a dime a dozen WP resource sites, so why exactly WPChime?

Being a member of numerous blogging communities and Facebook groups, one thing we noticed is even though most sites write about WordPress, there are still many of you who want to learn DIY WordPress:

  1. Know how to do DIY SEO,
  2. Know more about DIY WordPress security, and
  3. Want to know how to chime in with WordPress, DIY.

At WPC, we aim just that! We want to empower you accomplish all your WordPress tasks at your level. Written with simple, easy-to-understand and easy-to-follow guides we cover topics related to:

Managing WordPress

  • Best Hosting solutions
  • Recommended best themes suggestions,
  • Using the right plugins/products to get more done,
  • Securing your WP site & Quick WordPress errors & fixes,

Getting the most out of WordPress

  • Creating an efficient content strategy,
  • Getting more search engine visibility aka ranking,
  • Marketing your online business on social media,
  • Getting more leads and conversions on your website,

And Reviewing WordPress Products

We strive towards bringing you the most honest and unbiased reviews of WordPress products (hosting, themes etc) that will help you know and use the resources that are best and value for your money.

Affiliate Disclosure:

As mentioned above, we continuously strive towards partnering with WP product manufactures to bring you the best deals. So, we might use affiliate links throughout the site which will earn us a commission each time you buy a product from us.

This is to maintain the cost of running this site, hiring team members and to earn a profit that motivates us to serve you better. You should practice this with your WordPress Blog/online business too. 

Rest assured no product review/affiliate link will be motivated by the amount of affiliate commission. We won’t recommend anything that we know will give you a bad experience.

For Product Reviews/Business Opportunities:

If you are interested in business with WPChime, want to advertise or sponsor a post dedicated for your product, kindly visit this page.

(Please note that we will only accept those requests that we think will benefit our readers by giving them a better experience or enhancing their WordPress knowledge.)

P.S. If you’ve any specific queries, suggestions or requests, feel free to reach us here.

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