Divi Black Friday Deal 2021: Get 60% OFF [Mega Sale]

Looking for Divi Black Friday Deal?

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Divi has a huge deal that brings you numerous design and marketing freebies along with the obvious lucrative Divi Black Friday discount coupon.

Elegant Themes has designed Divi as a beautiful multi-purpose theme that comes packed with a Divi page builder. Both the Divi theme and the page builder are recently updated and now offers a lot more features than before.

So let’s take a look at some of the features of Divi and how to get its Black Friday deal…


Steps to get the Divi Black Friday Discount Coupon 2021

Here are the exact steps to get the Black Friday deal:

Step 1: The first step is to follow this link and visit the Divi Black Friday offer page.

Step 2: Then select either the yearly or lifetime plan and click on the “Sign Up Today” button.

Step 3: Finally, fill all the details, select the payment method like PayPal or credit card, and complete the payment to get access to the Divi products.

Divi Features Overview

Divi’s latest update, Divi 4.0 is all about its incredibly advanced visual builder, with which you can create amazing designs without ever needing any type of coding skills. That is why over 600,000 WordPress users now use the Divi theme and builder.

So let’s take a look at some of the features of Divi…

1. Drag & Drop Building

The best thing about Divi is the page builder and its capabilities. There are more than 40 website elements, and you can set up a page on the front end of your website using the builder and add, delete, or move elements around easily.

Each module in the layout can be removed or duplicated with just one click, and as you build the site in real-time, you can preview everything you’re doing. With that, autosave, history, and browser backups are also included in the builder so that if you make any mistake, you can undo or redo anything from the saved revisions. 

If you’re working on pages having similar designs, you can save specific sections or full page as a template, and import it on any other page. You can also import and export the templates between different websites. The backend of the editor is simplified, and all the elements are color-coded with embedded names.

The Divi theme is also a multi-purpose theme so you can use it for a blog, business site, portfolio, or an online store. The theme fully supports WooCoomerce, and you can create any type of site without writing a line of code.

2. Customization Options

With Divi, you have complete design control over everything. You can customize row settings such as hover state styling, box-shadow, scroll effects, and more.

You can customize other things like fonts style, shape dividers, border options, filters, drop shadows, text shadows, animations, and effects. If you have to write code, you can do that in the full-featured code editor which supports syntax highlighting, error reporting, auto-complete, and find & replace.

There’s also an option of responsive editing with which you can customize the site for every screen size, such as desktop, mobile, and tablet. This allows you to create the perfect design for each device type.

Also, Divi’s latest update supports 32 languages with translations and RTL (right to left) for the backend and frontend of the site.

3. Custom CSS Control

The theme and page builder provides a lot of customization options, but if you need to control anything with CSS, you can do that with the custom CSS option. You can write all your CSS in that section and control every aspect of visual design.

4. Pre-built Full Website Packs

With Divi, you can either start from scratch or import template from the huge library of website packs. All the pre-build designs are created by professionals with a focus on usability, conversions, and responsiveness.

There are more than 800 pre-made designs and 100+ full website packs for websites such as business, eCommerce, technology, events, and services. You can also create your own designs and save them for later use. All the saved templates are available for import whenever you create a new page.

5. WooCoomerce Builder

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If you want to build an online store and sell your products using WooCommerce, then there’s good news for you! Divi theme and builder support WooCommerce completely and also offers specific WooCommerce integrations to add advanced functionalities.

You can build the layouts of your product pages with Divi as custom WooCommerce modules are available such as add to cart button, shop layouts, and pricing options. A total of 16 modules are available for WooCommerce, which gives full control over the product pages.

6. Theme Builder

With the theme builder, you can design your entire website and not just posts and pages. Header, footer, post and page template builder is now available with Divi so you can create custom headers, footers, and layouts and implement them on your entire website.

You can also use dynamic content inside the Divi builder to build dynamic posts/pages that automatically update themselves as their content changes.

7. In-built Marketing Options

This is a unique feature of Divi, which is a built-in split-testing tool. You can use this tool to test anything you want on your website.

Divi Black Friday Discount Coupon 2021
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Usually, users have to install third-party plugins to use a feature like A/B testing, but Divi offers it in the theme now. You can use split testing to test different designs, content, and observe what is working best in what conditions.

With split testing, Divi also has an email opt-in module with which you can easily build your email list. The email opt-in module comes with full GDPR compliance and allows you to build segmented lists, create custom fields, and connect email providers such as HubSpot, ConvertKit, Aweber, Infusionsoft, and more!

Pricing tables and contact form builder is also included with full range of design and settings.

8. Divi Management Options

If you manage multiple websites, then you can take advantage of Divi management options, which include custom user roles, permissions, and theme options.

With the user roles and permissions, you can set custom roles for your team members or clients and limit access to certain features within the builder. It’s very useful when there are multiple users working on different sections of the site, and you don’t want anyone to interfere with the changes you’ve done.

9. 24/7 Support

When you purchase the Divi theme and plugin, you get access to the premium support.

Elegant Themes also has extensive documentation covering almost all the theme and plugin related topics. The Divi Support Center is designed by its team to help all the users quickly and efficiently.

You can use the Support Center for the documentation articles, videos, and contact the customer support team directly. There is also a Facebook group for Divi users, which now has more than 47,000 users.

Divi Pricing

Divi Black Friday Cyber Monday Pricing
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The pricing model of Elegant themes is very different from other theme marketplaces. Divi is not available as a standalone theme but as a complete package that consists of the Divi theme, Divi builder, Extra Theme, and all the plugins by Elegant Themes.

So in the cost of only one theme, you get access to all the other products as well, which is an excellent deal.

Currently, Elegant themes have two pricing plans:

Yearly access: This plan gives access to Divi, Extra, Bloom, and Monarch. Hundreds of premium website packs, product updates, and premium support with unlimited site license is included in this plan. The cost of a yearly access plan is only $89 per year.

Lifetime Access: This plan is similar to a yearly access plan but has an only one-time fee, so you don’t have to every year for the themes and plugins. The cost of a lifetime access plan is $249.

If you’re a business owner, a yearly access plan will be best for you, but if you’re an agency or a freelancer, then lifetime access is the best deal for you as you can use the products on unlimited client sites and get all the updates and premium support.

Note: Elegant Themes offer a generous 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t like the theme or plugin, you can simply send them an email and ask for a full refund.

What are Divi child themes?

With child themes, you can customize your theme easily and have more control over your site without having to worry about losing the changes each time you update your theme. You should definitely use a child theme if you’re going to modify theme code, add a lot of custom code such as CSS/JS, and give access to developers to make the changes.

To create the child theme, you will have to install and activate the Divi theme first, then use a text editor for editing theme files and use an FTP client to upload the child theme to your website.

How to duplicate a page in Divi theme?

When you create a new page with Divi builder, you will get three-page creation options: start from scratch, use a pre-built template from Divi templates library, or use page duplication feature.

With page duplication, you can instantly duplicate any existing Divi builder page and import it directly in the visual builder to start editing.

Can I use Divi and Elementor together?

Yes, you can use both Divi and Elementor at the same time. All the page builders are plugins only so you can install any number of plugins you want on your website. You can even have more than two-page builders simultaneously. But only one theme can be activated at a time, so if you’re using Divi theme, you can not activate any other theme.

Can I use Divi builder with any theme?

Yes, Divi builder is built with excellent code standards and can be used with any WordPress theme. Divi builder works best with the Divi theme, but if you’re using any other theme, then you can use the Divi builder what that theme also.

Can I use the Divi theme on multiple websites?

Yes, you are free to use the Divi theme and builder on any number of sites you want. Both the yearly access and lifetime plan have a license for unlimited websites, so there isn’t any limit on how many times you can use the Elegant Themes product.

Do I have to install the Divi builder with Divi theme?

No, you can install either Divi theme or Divi builder only, or install both of them together. There is no limitation on how you can use these products. If, after using the theme, you decide to move to a different theme, you can do that also without any problems.

Conclusion: Divi Black Friday Discount Coupon 2021

Divi is an excellent theme for anyone looking to build a WordPress website. You can either start from scratch or use any pre-built template and launch your website within a few hours.

Features like a visual builder, responsive editing, and complete customization options make Divi one of the best themes for WordPress.

If you have any questions related to this deal, ask below, and I’ll help you solve your issues.