20+ Best Code Editors For Mac & Windows To Edit WordPress Files Easily

Best free HTML CSS editors for Windows and Mac
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Editing WordPress files can be a breeze if you got the best coding software in your arsenal.

In today’s article, we’ve hand-picked some of the best HTML CSS editors (both free & premium) for both Windows and Mac users alike.


List of Best Code Editors For Mac & Windows Users (Free & Paid)


If you are looking for the Best WordPress Code Editors then here is a list of Best and popular WordPress Code Editors.

Check them out and pick the one that suits your coding requirements.

  1. Notepad++

Notepad++ is the simplest & feature-rich code editor for Windows. Notepad++ is very lightweight and was created to use as less as possible resources for operation. Notepad++ is a super handy tool to make quick changes in WordPress files quickly.

Notepad++ is easily the best HTML CSS editor for Windows. Some of the best features include auto complete, syntax highlighting, search and replace, multiple document support, WYSIWYG mode, simple yet great interface and many more. You can even extend the functionalities by using some plugins.

Pros (What I Like About Notepad++)

  1. Supports direct connection with server via FTP.
  2. Provides great support for external plugins to extend the functionalities.
  3. Open source and comes under the GNU licence.
  4. You can even run on Mac, Linux or UNIX by using wine software.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. The interface is very simple. Notepad++ needs improvement to fulfil the ongoing industry demands.
  2. Remote file editing does not support HTTP or SSH.
  3. You will need one extra software called Wine to use it on other OS.

Price: Free

  1. Sublime Text

Sublime Text is another lightweight and fast WordPress code editor. It comes with all the features which you need while editing the WordPress files. It is having “Go to Anything” option which allows you to edit file from anywhere by some clicks only. It looks beautiful and user can change the appearance as per the need.

Some of the best features include direction free mode, split editing to work on side by side editing, multiple selections of lines, instant project switching, full customization, syntax detection and error highlighting.

Pros (What I Like About Sublime Text)

  1. Cross platform WordPress code editors.
  2. Basic version is free to use.
  3. The interface of sublime text makes it beginner friendly.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. The simple editor is open source only. But you need to pay for the advanced and full featured version of sublime text.
  2. Not that fast while loading the big files on windows OS.
  3. Crashes often due to the poorly coded plugins.
  4. Does not provide the much support for many languages.
  5. Need to install 3rd party add-ons as a package manager.
  6. Does not offer the option for printing of the files.

Price: The basic version is free but you need to pay $70 per user to get full featured version of it.

  1. Text Wrangler

Text Wrangler is IOS based WordPress code editor. You can say Text Wrangler as little brother of BBEdit which provides less functionality as compared to BBEdit. Text wrangler support only one language and that is English. However, it provides all the basic features which are useful for quick edits of WordPress files.

Best features include plugin support, syntax highlighting, code folding, word folding, spell checker, auto correction and much more.

Pros (What I Like About Text Wrangler)

  1. Large Files are supported.
  2.  Supports 44 programming languages including HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl etc.
  3. Provides remote access via SSH support.
  4. Comes with easy and intuitive user interface which is quite handy to edit code fast.
  5. Lightweight editor to edit code fast.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Only for IOS.
  2. Editor does not support collaborative editing.
  3. No support for HTTP for remote access.

Price: Free

  1. Aptana Studio: Best Free IDE For Web Developement

If you are looking for open source and cross platform tool then Aptana Studio is a good choice. It provides professional environment where you can make and test your code easily.

It is complete web development tool that combines HTML, CSS and JavaScript at one place. It also supports lots of plugin to extend the functionalities.

Best features include HTML, CSS and JS code assist, development wizard, integrated debugger, simple integration of Git and IDE customization.

Pros (What I Like About)

  1. Support for FTP, SFTP and FTPS for remote login.
  2. Support for HTML, CSS, JS, Payton, Ruby, PHP, Rails etc.
  3.  Open source and cross platform.
  4. Some of the great features include editing of web apps, Ajax and JS libraries, Desktop Ajax etc.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Beginners may need some time to master this WordPress code editor.

Price: Free

  1. Atom: Best IDE  For Mac

Atom is created by Developers of GitHub. The interface of Atom is very similar to Sublime Text. If you are a WordPress programmer and want to save your time by 10X then Atom is best WordPress code editor for you. Atom has very customizable interface which is easy to learn.

Best features of Atom include auto completion, find and replace, multiple pans, file system browsers, integration of package manager etc.

Pros (What I Like About Atom code editor software)

  1. Easy to use interface.
  2. Open source and working fine with all major OS.
  3. It is created for developers so it is highly extensible and customizable.
  4. Editor has core module which can be extended with a growing number of packages.
  5. Atom provides stunning themes that can be used to create the exact tool you like.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Atom is slow as compared to other editors.
  2. Atom is not built to handle large files.

Price: Free

  1. BBEdit: Best Mac Code Editor

BBEdit is created for those who want high performance editing experience while coding. It is Mac code editor and provides extensive features for WordPress developers. BBEdit is all in one tool to write website or software code. You can work with text, create or maintain website, write a program, extract data or write books in BBEdit.

Best features of BBEdit include search and replace among many files, pattern matching, code folding, code completion, quick lookup, multiple tabs and much more.

Pros (What I Like About BBEdit)

  1. Supports Extensive features for Mac Users.
  2. Supports FTP and SFTP open and save functions.
  3. Supports AppleScript, Mac OS X Scripting and HTML MarkUp tools.
  4. Free trial version is available.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Limited to Mac OS.

Price: $49.99 for an individual licence.

  1. UltraEdit: Powerful HTML CSS & PHP Editor For Mac & Windows

UltraEdit is powerful code editor for all the OS. It is your perfect choice to go with development in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, C/C++. UltraEdit is relatively pricy but you will get peace of mind while working with it due to its features.

Best features of UltraEdit include multi selection option, code highlighting, integration of FTP, advanced layout, built in compression ability etc.

Pros (What I Like About UltraEdit)

  1. Prioritizes block and column editing.
  2. Includes powerful features search features like regex search and filters.
  3. Good support for file and data sorting.
  4. Capable of handling large files.
  5. Free trial version is available.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Bit pricy as compared to other WordPress code editors.

Price: $79.95 per year

  1. Bluefish: Fastest Best Free Code Editor

Bluefish is very lightweight code editor which supports all the markup languages. Bluefish is based on Perl compatible regular expressions. You can get it as Free because of its open source nature. It is one of the powerful WordPress code editors I have ever used.

Best features of Bluefish include clean interface, multiple document support, search and replace, external program and file integration, auto recovery etc.

Pros (What I Like About Bluefish Code Editor)

  1. Loads whole website in matter of seconds.
  2. Allow you to work on 500+ documents simultaneously.
  3. Provides remote file access using FTP
  4. Open source and Support all major OS.

Cons (What could be improved)

Problems like crashing on Windows.

  1. Coda: Popular Mac Code Editor (HTML + CSS)

Coda is perhaps the most used and loving WordPress code editors on Mac. It is very popular for simple interface and powerful features. Coda has revolved from its previous version a lot. In the initial days, it was just editor but now it is previewer and more.

Best features of Code include Block editing, auto code completion, drag and drop options, auto tag closing, syntax highlighting, in built terminal and debugger etc.

Pros (What I Like About Coda)

  1. Support creation of colours and gradient as per need.
  2. Wonderful file management system which you can open using FTP, SFTP, Amazon s3 and WebDav.
  3. Supports MySQL queries.
  4. Allows editing of local or remote files.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Expensive as compared to other code editors.
  2. Problem of crashing while working with Large Files.

Price: $99 for single license.

  1. Araneae: Best HTML Editor For Windows

Araneas is code editor tool only for windows users. It allows multiple programming languages like HTML, CSS, XHTML, PHP without any 3rd party extensions. Araneae is specially built to enrich your programming experience on Windows PCs.


  1. Best feature such as syntax highlighting, drag and drop option, search and replace options are there.
  2. Supports multiple instances.
  3. Supports multiple programming languages via extensions and localizations.
  4. Open source tool for windows users.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Any external plugin is not supported.

Price: Free

  1. TextMate: Best Graphical Text Editor

TextMate is again code editor only for Apple  or MAC OSusers. It is designed for those who want to code in Ruby or Rails more but at present TextMate is allowing 50 different programming languages.

Best features of TextMate include options like search and replace, auto complete, auto indentation, clipboard history etc.

Pros (What I Like About TextMate)

  1. Support column selection and column typing.
  2. Provides FTP Support.
  3. Easy Ruby and Rails code editing tool.
  4. Easy clipboard management.
  5. Provide support for Xcode.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. User Interface is not that much updated.
  2. Only for Mac is also a problem.
  1. Vim: Open Source Code Editor For DOS/Windows/MAC

Vim is a powerful code editor which is Open Source and works on all Operating Systems. You may not believe but Vim is even working on DOS. Vim is fully customizable to meet your needs for coding and WordPress editing.

Best features of Vim are syntax highlighting and all other editing commands. It also support mouse with recent extensions.

Pros (What I Like About Vim)

  1. User interface is highly integrated.
  2. Supports more than 200 languages.
  3. Expandable like any IDE

Cons (What Could Be Improved)

  1. You need some experience in coding. It is not for beginners.

Price: Free

  1. CoffeeCup: Easy To Use HTML CSS Editor

CoffeeCup is having numerous features for web development. It has an easy-to-use HTML and CSS editor for beginners. The HTML editor offers easy to use interface with lots of options to make your coding experience remarkable.

Best features of CoffeeCup are auto updates, tag references, SEO optimization, structured data, options to previewing the site etc.

Pros: (What I Like About Coffeecup)

  1. Quick setup
  2. Great support for HTML, CSS and PHP
  3. Support file opening from local, remote of web servers
  4. Supports all major platforms


  1. Offers very basic features in high price

Price: $69 per licence

  1. Brackets

Brackets is a product from Adobe. As we all know that Adobe is providing quality product including illustrator, Photoshop etc. But surprisingly, Brackets is an open source product of Adobe to give new age to web designers.

The best features of Adobe are inline editing, code folding, live preview, pre-processor capabilities etc.

Pros (What I Like About Brackets)

  1. Supports all platforms
  2. It is excellent tool to write code in HTML, CSS, JS or PHP
  3. Full of customization
  4. Regular updates are available to fix the bugs
  5. Lightweight code editor
  6. Support integration with creative cloud to extract CSS from PSD

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. No support for auto complete
  2. Does not support external plugins

Price: Free

  1. Espresso: HTML5 Code Editor

Espresso is web development tool for Mac. It is specially designed to speed up workflow and enables you to make coding fast. It comes with CSSEdit tool. With CSSEdit, you can create gradients, shadow and many more visual things.

Best features of Espresso are multiple languages support, auto complete, smart snippets, code folding, navigator, live styling, X ray preview etc.

Pros (What I Like About Espresso Code Editor)

  1. Supports many languages including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Ruby etc.
  2. Free trial is evadible to try.
  3. Ability to push changes on server via sync or quick publish features.
  4. Best web development tool for Mac users.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Bit pricy

Price: $75

  1. ATPad: Virtual Code Editing Software

ATPad name is sounds like Notepad. If you compare ATPad with Notepad then you will find similarities in look and interface. Only difference between these two is ATPad comes with some more features and updates as compare to Notepad.

Some of the good features of ATPad are find and replace from multiple lines, options to add bookmarks, line numbering etc.

Pros (What I Like About ATPad)

  1. No need to install it on your computer. You can use it virtually.
  2. Supports cascading of windows.
  3. Provides support for text snippet.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Very less features and support.
  2. Supports basic languages only.
  3. Obviously, It cannot beat advanced code editors.

Price: Free

  1. Komodo Edit

Komodo Edit is one more WordPress code editor that you can use to edit or code WordPress files. Komodo Edit is quite fast code editor works on all major OS. It supports multiple languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, and Perl etc.

Best features of Komodo Edit are syntax highlighting, code colouring, auto complete, multiple selection, toolbox, project manager etc.

Pros (What I Like About Komodo Edit)

  1. Open source
  2. Easy to use and lightweight
  3. In Advanced version, operability of Komodo edit allows you to work on Collective teams.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Spell Check option is missing.
  2. No support for collaborative editing
  3. No support for large files
  4. Price is high

Price: $295 (Without upgrades and support), $382(with updates and support)

  1. WeBuilder

WeBuilder is the great code editing tool for web developers. It supports numerous languages and tons of features to make your coding experience good. It is free to use as a trial but you need to pay some small amount to use it continuously.

Best features of WeBuilder are syntax highlighting, Unicode support, code completion and navigation, code suggestions, search and replace, support of libraries etc.

Pros (What I Like About WeBuilder)

  1. Supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS.
  2. There is dedicated editor for HTML, CSS, JS and PHP coding.
  3. Support code validation tools like a spell checker, HTML and CSS validator, PHP debugger, JS checker etc.

Cons (What could be improved)

  1. Bit pricy tool

Price: $49.95

  1. ICEcoder: Web-based IDE 

ICEcoder is a web based tool to write and edit codes. You don’t need to install this tool on your computer. You need to write or edit code in your browser either offline or online. It supports wide range of languages like HTML, CSS, Ruby, JS, PHP etc.

Best features of ICEcoder are broken tag indicators, themes, find and replace, locally usage, code highlighting and many more.

Pros (What I Like About ICEcoder)

  1. Supports secure login facilities.
  2. Support MySQL Databases.
  3. Works on all OS.

Cons (What could be improved)

Browser based tool.

Price: Free

  1. Light Table: Best Open Source HTML Editor

Light Table is lightweight and minimal code editor for all WordPress developers. You can find it on GitHub. It is a tool which you may not have seen before. You will get good coding experience with Light Table.

Best features include fuzzy file search, support for different embeds, syntax highlighting, debugging and much more.

Pros (What I Like About Light Table)

1. Open source and works on all major OS.

  1. Very easy and clean interface.
  2. supports instant feedback so that you can open web browser in editor and check the result of code.

Cons: (What could be improved)

  1. Not as good as other code editors.

Price: Free


There are many code editors for WordPress developers but the above mentioned are some of the best available editors. I hope you can find your favourite editor from above list.

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