WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2021: Get 60% OFF [Mega Sale]

Having a cache plugin in a WordPress site is a must if you want to keep your site fast and your servers optimized.

And if you’re looking for the best caching plugin, you might have heard about WP Rocket already.

WP Rocket is recognized as the most powerful caching plugin by WordPress experts. So let’s take a look at some amazing features of this plugin and how to get it’s Black Friday deal…


Steps to get the WP Rocket Black Friday Deal 2021

The exact steps to get the WP Rocket Black Friday 2021 deal are mentioned below:

Step 1: The first step is to click this link and visit the WP Rocket Black Friday offer page.

Step 2: Then select the plan according to how many site licenses you need and click on the “Buy WP Rocket” button.

Step 3: Finally, enter all your details and select the payment method from the credit card or PayPal and then complete the payment to get access to the WP Rocket plugin.

WP Rocket Features: Why it is the Most Powerful WordPress Caching Plugin?

WP Rocket is a plugin that comes with all the basic and advanced features, still, it is designed to be beginner-friendly and provides a good user experience.

And once the plugin is installed and activated, some of the most important performance configurations are setup automatically by the plugin so you can immediately observe speed improvements on your website.

Now let’s look at some of the amazing features of this plugin…

1. Cache Preloading

Usually, the cache is not built until someone visits a page for the first time and the first time visitors get really slow page loading as the cache is not available at that step.

With cache preloading, the cache is built even before any page is visited which results in lower page response times and your website can be ready for new users as well. You can enable this feature under the Preload section. 

You can provide a sitemap to let WP Rocket crawl the sitemap.xml file and build the cache or use the Preload bot method where the bot will crawl all the pages automatically. The bot method is efficient as new content is easily recognized by the bot but it can also result in server overload. So use the method which you think will be best for your website.

2. WP Rocket Files Optimisation

This option in WP Rocket is for optimizing the static files of the sites which are HTML, CSS and JavaScript files.

WP Rocket can minify, concatenate and optimize the loading of these files, combine Google font files and remove query strings from static resources.

3. CDN Integration

Content Delivery Network or CDN is used to speed up a website by storing the site files in servers spread across the world. As the website files are stored in multiple servers, when a user visits the website, the files are served from the user’s nearest location instead of the origin server location which can significantly reduce the page load times.

WP Rocket has an addon to connect CDNs which you can use while configuring the CDN of your choice.

4. Database Optimization

With time, the database gets filled with random files and folders which can make all the database operations slower. 

WP Rocket can optimize your database by removing all the unnecessary files. But before you enable database optimization, make sure to take a backup of the database as the deletion of one wrong file can take your whole site down.

5. Media optimization

Every site has lots of media such as images, videos, etc. and these things take a lot of space in the storage as well. So it’s important to optimize the media to load the web pages faster.

WP Rocket uses lazy loading which only loads the content when the user starts scrolling a page. As the media gets downloaded only when the user scrolls, this results in significantly lower page load times.

6. Built-in add-ons

WP Rocket has a lot of add ons including add ons for Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, CloudFlare, Sucuri, and Varnish. You can use the specific add ons to integrate the service without any hassle.

7. Proper Documentation

The real problem starts after you buy a caching plugin as it’s difficult to set up caching and WP Rocket takes care of this by providing extensive documentation.

Most of the common questions and all the features of the plugin are properly explained in the docs which helps in saving overall time. You don’t even have to contact their support in most of the cases as they cover all the potential issues well before they even happen.

8. Great Support

WP Rocket is a premium plugin and its developers know this. They offer professional support which is available via email ticket system. There is no live chat or phone support available but in most cases, their documentation is enough and for extreme problems, their email ticket can be used. The support is available from Monday to Saturday and the supported languages are English and French.

WP Rocket Pricing

WP Rocket Pricing
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Unlike other WordPress caching plugins, WP Rocket does not have a free plugin and one can only use it after purchasing its license. But WP Rocket provides some amazing features with excellent support which most of the other caching plugins miss.

All the features of the plugin are included in every plan and even if you don’t renew the plugin license, you continue to use the plugin version you have, but you’ll not receive the updates and support.

If you buy the Infinite license from WP Rocket, you can use the plugin on your client sites as well. They also provide Reseller accounts if you want to offer WP Rocket as a part of an optimization package.

WP Rocket is fully GDPR compliant so you don’t have to put a disclaimer for this.

The three plans of WP Rocket are:

Single: This plan costs $49 per year and contains a license for only one site with one year of support and updates.

Plus: This plans costs $99 per year and have the license for 3 websites with 1 year of support and updates.

Infinite: This is the costliest plan at $249 per year with licenses for unlimited websites and 1 year of support and updates.

If you renew your license after 1 year from the date of purchase, you will get a generous 30% discount from thereon.

Note: A 100% no-risk money-back guarantee is included with every WP Rocket plan so if you think WP Rocket is not working for you, you can ask for a refund within 14 days of purchase.

What does WP Rocket do?

WP Rocket is a full cache plugin for WordPress that comes with many features like GZIP compression, DNS prefetch, CDN integration, database optimization, WebP compatibility, preloading, deferred loading of JS files, minification of JS/CSS and more.

You can use WP Rocket if you want to make your WordPress website fast for your site visitors.

Is WP Rocket worth it

Yes, WP Rocket provides value for the money it takes but it is also dependent on your specific needs. WP Rocket is the plugin with the most advanced features but if you only need a caching plugin for a small site, you can get similar results with a free caching plugin also.

So if you want to take your website performance to the next level, install WP Rocket and start optimizing your site.

How to install WP Rocket in WordPress?

Once you have purchased the plugin, download the plugin zip file from the WP Rocket site and log in to your WordPress admin panel. Then go to Plugin > Add New and upload the plugin file.

Now once the file is uploaded, activate the plugin and the installation process will be completed. You can also manually install the plugin through FTP but that will not be needed in most cases.

How to configure WP Rocket?

As soon as you install and activate the plugin, most of the commonly recommended performance settings are automatically applied so you don’t have to do anything specific.

Even with the default configuration, you can observe significant improvements in the website loading time.

How to lazy load background images using WP Rocket

To enable the lazy loading of images on your site, go to Settings > WP Rocket.

Under the Media tab, click Enable for Images and save the changes. The lazy loading for images will be activated now and you can confirm this by loading any page of your site having images. Keep in mind that some plugins can have conflicts with this behavior so check this on a staging site before making it live on your main site.

Conclusion: WP Rocket Black Friday Discount Coupon 2021

Many WordPress experts love this plugin and that is why it is one of the popular caching plugins for WordPress even when many other free caching plugins are available in the WP repository.

WP Rocket is the only plugin that combines all the essential performance configurations together to make the website as fast as possible. So sign up for WP Rocket now and get its Black Friday offer.

If you have any questions regarding this deal, please comment below and I’ll help you solve your issue.

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